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re: App: xscazx

The application submitted by xscazx is as follows:


Tell us about yourself:
My name is Emil and i live in the northen part of sweden.
I have, what some would say very sick humor. And i love to just hang and play other games with guild mates. That or just talk shit about anything.

During raid times and progress i will only say what is needed for everyone to know.

Personally i can take it very hard if my logs looks bad. So i will always try to improve both in game and in life.

I can go on alot but i will stop there.

How did you find Why no love? Do you know anyone in guild?:
I got a tip from a friend to check you out. So i went and looked at wowprogress and feel like this guild will fit me.

Rank these words in terms of importance (to you): Fun, Results, Systematic & Stabile [Exaple: Fun > Results > Systematic > Stabililty]:
I will always rank Fun above anything. I feel that systematic and stablie goes hand to hand. With all these parts results will come out of it.


Paste a link to your armory:

Paste a link to your Warcraftlogs:

How do you ensure that your stat priority, talents, trinket choices are optimal?:
My stat priority is based on what is best for either raiding or dungeons. I will swap gear depending if the fight needs fast heals or big burst will appear. I have flexible trinkets as my stat prio. Gear and talents depending on fight.


What is your raiding experience in Legion?:
I raided mostly heroic at the start of Legion. But always had in my mind to find a guild to progress with. Currently i'm progress raiding.

Previous guild(s) and why you left them.:
The guild i'm in is Seagulls. My place is one of the main healers in the mythic progress.

I want to leave the guild due to conflicts that dont get solved and alot of arguments. Which already has made alot of the main raiders leave the guild.

I want to experience the fun in progress raiding. And raiding in general.
This guild is pulling me back from having fun.

Expected raid attendance! We raid Mon/Wed/Thu 1945 to 2300. Sunday added the first 2 weeks of new tier.:
I have 96% attendance in the guild i'm in. They have the same raid times. Which is no problem for me to not attend.

What AddOns do you use to help you perform?:
The addons that make me perform is my own weakauras. And weakauras made for each encounter. I try have almost no clutter on the screen. I want to see what i need to see.


Please link your

Please take a screenshot of your UI within a raid-encounter. Upload the pic to and post the link.:


5A. Write to us something that will make our decision to trial you easier.:
I have been playing healer for about 6 years.
The start of my progress raiding started in Cata.
Managed to progress heroic up to Dragon Soul. I went on a break then.
When WoD come i started to pick up the progress raiding. But i only progressed Highmaul mythic. Due to i did not like WoD so i casually raided until the end of WoD.


Please add your Battletag Below.:


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re: App


Thank you for your application and my excuses for the late response. At the moment our roster consists of 5 healers and therefore we won't be able to fit you in anymore. This means that your application will be denied.

I wish you good luck with searching for a guild!

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