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I will step down as active Guildmaster in <Why no love> effective immediately.

Since the guild has stopped raiding, I've been spending a long time figuring out what I want to do with the guild and what I want to do myself.

I've come to the conclusion that I would find another home and hand over the reins to someone suited for the task. I have already been accepted into a danish-only guild who raids on Kazzak - if anyone is interested where I will go to.


When it comes to the GM-role; I don't believe voting is the right way to go. Giving everyone a say/vote in something that not everyone has a clue/knowledge about is very dangerous. I'm not interested in gambling with something so precious to me. FUCK THAT. Last time that whole voting-thing split the guild and fractured the raidteam so much, we had to pick up the pieces afterwards. Never again.

Call me ego-centric all you want, but it will be ME ALONE who decides who take to over after me. It will be decided over time, so I am sure the guild will be in good hands. That way I can rest easy, knowing that I've made the right call with the promotion.

This all leads me to the next thing; How this is all going to happen.

- I will promote my monk to GM og my DH will leave the guild shortly after.

- I will then evaluate the interested ppl, and give them a "Co-GM" rank and let them run the guild for a while.

- Once I know they are ready to take full control(and only then), I will do the swap.


In terms of the guildbank, There is about 1.1mil gold and a shitton of materials. These resources will be staying in the bank, until my successor(s) decides what to do with them. Guild-repairs will continue as it is.


Thanks for all the good(and the bad) times.


Muldvarp / Kristian

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