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PostPosted: 07-09-2017 1:32:38    Post subject:

Hi Mate


Not a problem I will give a messages when I get online



PostPosted: 06-09-2017 15:42:22    Post subject:

Hello again,


Can you whisper Tokoloko or me online when you got a chance?

PostPosted: 05-09-2017 15:00:59    Post subject:

Hi Clucky,


thank you for the application. We'll review it, and give you an answer as soon as possible Happy


- Muldiz

PostPosted: 05-09-2017 12:16:37    Post subject:

Not a raider, just wanted to say it's a very good application. Good luck Happy!

PostPosted: 05-09-2017 12:03:32    Post subject: App: viralhen

The application submitted by viralhen is as follows:


Tell us about yourself:
My name is Joe and im 26,I am a Northern English man but currently living in the south of the UK, For work I am a Electrician and currently work for a company who deal with student accommodation,I had some IRL issues come up not long after TOS came out so only got to 2/9 Mythic but I am now back and ready to get stuck back in to progress with a great guild like Why No Loce and show people what I can do,
I have a decent desktop Computer that I build myself with also a reliable and stable internet,

How did you find Why no love? Do you know anyone in guild?:
I found the guild via wow progress and i dont know anyone currently in the guild

Rank these words in terms of importance (to you): Fun, Results, Systematic & Stabile [Exaple: Fun > Results > Systematic > Stabililty]:


Paste a link to your armory:

Paste a link to your Warcraftlogs:

How do you ensure that your stat priority, talents, trinket choices are optimal?:
Regarding my class i am always checking up on the latest patches and any developments on the PTR, i also use peakofserenity,Discord,MMO champion,wowhead I pretty much go on every website to make sure i keep up to date with my class and spec, i am a MW main and have been since Panda but i am currently working on building up my BM & WW specs so then i can be a fully rounded panda (No pun intended), i log all raids i am in so i can keep up with how i am doing and also compare myself to other monks and see how i can beat them.


What is your raiding experience in Legion?:
i have raided every expansion from Wrath until present, and Raid leaded from SoO all the way through until Legion started, Mythic progress has always been my enjoyment while playing wow, my current progress in TOS is 2/9 mythic with 9/9 HC and i have also got 10/10 Mythic and HC for Nighthold aswell

Previous guild(s) and why you left them.:
I was in a guild call voltage at the start of TOS but due to some IRL issues i was unable to raid for upto a month and subsequently got removed from the guild so was unable to progress more than 2/9 Mythic, before that i was in a guld called Team RHIB on out lands who i progressed though EN Mythic with and cleared but that guild disbanded which led me to go to Voltage

Expected raid attendance! We raid Mon/Wed/Thu 1945 to 2300. Sunday added the first 2 weeks of new tier.:

What AddOns do you use to help you perform?:
DBM,Weakauras,Angry Assignments,bartender,click,Exorsus Raid Tools (if needed),Skada,GTFO


Please link your speedtest.net:

Please take a screenshot of your UI within a raid-encounter. Upload the pic to http://imgur.com/ and post the link.:


5A. Write to us something that will make our decision to trial you easier.:
I am always on time for raids and I turn up to 100% of them all,
I am more than happy to sit out on a fight so that we can secure a kill or if someone need specific loot from a boss,
I also watch every video and read the guides to fights before raid starts to make sure i am full aware of the fight and mechanics, i am always prepared with all consumables needed for a raid and even have a few just in case i need to change specs,I would say i am an all round decent guy and up for a good laugh but will put the work in when it comes to progress, i know my logs lack for this raid but that is as i have only killed the bosses a couple of time but given the opportunity i can show you what i can do


Please add your Battletag Below.: