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by Muldvarpen, 21 days ago






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WNL cracks the stoned slammer! 6/10 Mythic

by Muldvarpen, 42 days ago

Drawing by Ayarae



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Arnold Brothers down! 4/10

by Muldvarpen, 60 days ago

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3/10 Mythic

by andreiii, 63 days ago

Gruul is dead, GJ!

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Why No Love goes 2/10 Mythic!

by Muldvarpen, 70 days ago

PacMan's evil twin finally ate his last snack!






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About Why No Love?
Good morning Agamaggan,

Why no love is a long standing guild with very dedicated members who seek progression in a fun and mature environment.
On a low populated server, the guild demands high attendance and support to make the raids go smoothly. Our raids are focusing on progression, stability, fun and the aim to have server firsts on all our kills. Which we have achieved so far in 10 man Normal and Heroic.

We like predictability when we invite raiders. Therefore we seek to have few but skilled raiders who are tried and true. Should you want to raid with us on heroic level, we will find you a spot almost every night. This is the bonus of having a dedicated team. Should you want a more relaxing raid environment, then sign up for our flex-raids.

For those interested Why No Love has also started producing raid videos, feel free to take a look if you feel like it ;)

We are recruiting if you'd like to feature in some of these videos :)
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