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Presenting our Raid Team for Legion!

by Peteee, 40 days ago



Why no love presents, the Raid Team for Legion!

In this edition we will focus on the new additions during HFC!




After HFC progress was complete we bolstered our ranks with some new voices.


We asked them the following questions;
1. Who are you?

2. What is your impression of Why no love so far?
3. What do you look forward to the most in Legion?


Luminary, Holy Paladin


Lumi joined us Oct 30, a small month before Archi M was killed. He was not able to raid with us until farm content started, but he impressed during his first raids and was allowed to be in for the second kill of Archi! We are looking forward to seeing him be a solid part of our healing team in Legion!

1. I am me! My name is Maor, which translates to Luminary in English! I study Mechanical engineering and work as a teacher on the side. When I dont study I play WoW and watch loads of TVshows.

2. That its good, its fun. There are nice people here! Raids seems to be quite efficient.

3. Progressing in raids! Spamming dungeons with the dungeon groups is probably going to be a fun and new experience. Id love to be Realm first while having a good time :)


Espenpro, Mistweaver Monk


Espen joined us relatively late in the tier, as late as January 2016. However it was quickly evident that he has a colorful personality and a thirst for rankings. Do not get in the way of Espen and a solohealing oppurtunity! He also drinks karsk. We are sure Espen will do a good job taking over the presitgous spot that Quartzz held before him!

1. Are you serious now? Shal I say who I am and then you write about it? Are you kidding? Sick... (Pete copies from his application)  “Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Espen. And i`m coming from Norway in a big town called Trondheim! And yes, Trondheim is better then Oslo where pete comes from! Atleast they have karsk here!:> I work as a painter on daily basis, when i`m not working. I usually stay at home playing video games/movies, talk with my homies! “

2. Damn awesome! From day 1! Except when I make a fool of myself :P

3. Kill bosses, and be realm first!


Morpheus, Holy/Disc Priest


Morph joined us in Feb16, a bit of time after we cleared HFC M. He was recruited to close a gap in the roster left behind by the previous Priest (Pete) rerolling to Hunter. He has proven himself as a healer with great knowledge of pushing throughput to the limits!

1. Who am I, what do you mean? Thats a bit of a broad question… I dont know? What am I supposed to say? (Pete laughing) What has everyone else done? Are you doing profiles for everyone on the Guild page? Ye? No? (Pete reads what is said on his app). True! “Corie, Welsh, can't speak Welsh, semi alcoholic, love kebabs, partial to a bit of dick on the weekends “

2. Ehm. Its definately friendly, most people anyway :P People know what they are doing! People fuck about, but at the end of the day we still get things done.

3. Ehm. Does it have to be with the Guild? (Pete; No) Playing with my Druid again. And Holy Priest not being a fucking bench spec. These are such weird questions!!


Axlvg, Rogue


Axlvg is another of the players who joined us after HFC progress was completed. He has delivered very well and has bolstered our team with another high skill melee player! It is going to be very fun to see both him and Tornez, our two new rogues, push the team further in Legion.

1. Who are you? You need to narrow that down, I have no idea what to answer. (Pete: Describe yourself, the player Axlvg) Thats the same question! I'm a car mecanic for a living and outside of wow i also doe carmodification on my own car and friends cars.

2. I love it in WNL! I think its great socially and for in-game raiding stuff. I have lots of fun! Also the community outside of WoW with other games etc.

3. Like mostly having a good time raiding, killing bosses. Having fun with friends and playing together.



Also, during HFC Mythic we had a need for adding to the team to finish progress.


We asked them the following questions;

1. What is your most memorable moment in HFC with WNL?

2. What would you say to someone who are thinking of applying to WNL?

3. What do you look forward to the most with Legion?




Shin, Holy Paladin


Shin joined us just before Gorefiend M died, September 10th. Right away he made a huge contribution to the results of the healing team in HFC M. He has shown that through consistent good results in both execution and logs. We are eager to see him continue to help the team forwards in Legion. It is worth mentioning that Shin was promoted record-breaking fast to Veteran Raider due to his performance inside and outside raids.

1. Ehm, I gotta think about that. I mean the best feeling was killing Archi, Manno and Xhul but the most funny things was probably Hernes on Socrethar, oneshotting Iskar or some other banter we did in raids! I want to add Dragus killing the raid with Felburst when he did the construct on Socrethar for the first time :D

2. Stay away! Haha, if its a Hpala I mean ;)… Its a very fun Guild! Its a very satisfying and fun raid environment. A lot of dictatorship but its a very good Guild. I think we could do a lot better when it comes to ranks, thinking of Legion.

3. Progression with the Guild, having fun in raids and between the raids with the people in the Guild.


Dragus, Blood DK


Dragus joined us with Usman and Shin to be one of our main tanks! A vital position in the raid team that has extreme expectations to it. Dragus has fulfilled almost all those expectations to perfection! We are glad to see him as our tank in Legion as well!

1. Id have to say when we killed Archi. It was fun cus after all those wipes we had it was a great feeling. Im pretty sure we had the most wipes on Archi of all the bosses.

2. I would say that the Guild, everyone is dedicated to it, but at times we are not all serious. But when we get to the serious content everyone steps up. During progress it is really hectic and new players need to be ready for the extremely fast pace during progression.

3. Mostly just discovering my class again. The feel of playing a new class is going to be the most fun part of it. And ofc the new raids!


Usmandark, DPS DK


Usman joined us together with Shin and Dragus to finally make us have two damage dealing DKs! His skills at playing a most crucial class contributed heavily for the team to cut down bosses like Xhul’Horac and Mannoroth with great efficiency. We hope to see much more of this night-time raider in Legion.

1. Ehm, let me think. Ofc when we killed Archi Mythic. Oh nono! The most memorable was when we killed Xhul cus Pestie said before the try that now we are going to kill it. And we did!

2. If you dont want to dedicate yourself to the team, then dont apply. If you just wanna apply for gear and ur personal epeen, WNL is not a good fit for you. You need to think of the team first and then yourself!

3. The artifact weapons! They create a feeling of RPG. We have a named wep that we will use for the whole exp like Medivh who has a wep that goes with them through the lore. And ofc legendaries!!


Schmu, Restoration Shaman


Schmu joined us after his old guild abruptly collapsed. He was to take over the crucial healer spot as Shaman. As he states in his first answer the Raid team made quick use of his skills and he delivered well above our expectations. Schmu will definately be a very solid addition to the healing team in Legion too!

1. Ehhhm. Hmmm. Thats a tough one! I dont really know, I have only been here for like 3 bosses, hehe! I liked the Tyrant kill. That was really fun cus I completely didnt expect it to happen that fast. I just race-changed from ally and transfered to the realm the day before and then boom I was invited to the raid and we killed it. I completely didn't expect that, it was really fun!

2. Oooh what would I say, hum. Im really bad at answering questions, I just figured that out now. To be honest id say definately do it! Cus Ive been in a couple guilds over my time in wow and this is quite possibly the best guild ive been in since Vanilla. First off its rediculosly organized and the officers put a lot of effort into that. And secondly the raid team is really good and very committed. And apart from the actual progress its a stupid amount of fun listening to the ppl on TS.

3. No absorbs. No absorbs on ppl. Priests can just bugger off and I can do some proper healing.


Connorbigboy, Balance Druid


Connor joined us almost the same time as Schmu and they were both in for the same first kill on Tyrant! Its also worth mentioning that Connor and Tornez came from the same Guild before WNL! Connor has since joining been an obvious choice for progress kills, being in for every kill since he joined the Guild.  


1. Eeehm. Can you give me time with these questions? Killing Archimonde! Towards the end of archi was quite memorable, especially concidering my computer issues. I was barely able to make the kill. One pull I was streaming and then it shut down abruptly so I had to stop the streaming for the kill.


2. If you are good at games, then go for it!


3. Killing bosses! And playing competitively again.



Tornez, Rogue


Tornez joined us just before Mannoroth was killed. After some farm kills he was quickly given a definite spot for Archimonde Mythic, as the then only Rogue in the roster. As he points out in his answers below he has had some hillarious moments, which will have to haunt him for a little while longer. Luckily he will not have to main DK in Legion, but instead play amazingly as Rogue!

1. It can be something bad as well right? Something personal i fucked up maybe. Like when I tried to use a macro for Mass Grip and wrote /cast mass grip. I facepalmed for like 3 weeks after that.

2. Really depends on what kind of person it is. If its someone I know or if its a complete stranger. In general I would point them towards someone in the leadership :P

3. Im not totally hyped just yet. It actually looks really good but Im not onboard the hype train just yet. DH looks fun, especially from a lorewise point of view.


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