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Why No Love Guildmeet!

by Muldvarpen, 24 days ago

Why No Love Guildmeet!



From July 10th - 17th Why No Love is on vacation due to guildmeet in Holland! Therefore we will delay Mythic progression until we're back. Hopefully we will still hold server 2nd when we come back - but only time will tell!

There will be held optional raids for the people that couldn't come to the guildmeet, raidlead by Preacher/Jägershots. These raids will grant no attendance, and only used to kill farmbosses - no progress kills, sorry! :p (get some tier pieces!!!)


Any questions regarding recruitment, loot etc can be forwarded to Preacher/Jägershots.






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Assault of Hellfire Citadel draws close!

by Muldvarpen, 43 days ago



Patch 6.2 - Fury of Hellfire

The Release of Hellfire Citadel draws very close! I'm very proud of the team as a whole. I personally believe that with the hardships we've had, we still kept our heads up and pushed through high og lows. I believe that we've been hit very hard with subscriber-decline throughout Blackrock Foundry. We've lost very good players to irl stuff, work etc. But we haven't lost a single player because of wanting something "more", only because of personal/irl issues - That means alot to me! To translate this more directly: We are a very attractive guild to outsiders. And that is all thanks to you guys!

I believe that we still have room for improvements, and we can become even better than we currently are with few adjustments! My plan is to become a stronger team overall; putting own victories asside during progress, and focus on getting the guild the best possible position - priotizing Why No Love's potential before yourself as an individual. We were never getting to where we are, if we didn't work as a team.



I would like to stress the importance of preparing for HFC, and also one of the guild policies/beliefs: Preparing outside of raids to minimize the raiding-hours we have to put into this. This will make sure that everyone can have a life outside of WoW aswell. It is crucial for the whole team that everyone learns mechanics BEFORE we take our first step into HFC and minimize our learning-experience to know the fights in and out.


Here is a PTR playlist of the many bosses we will encounter in HFC:

- Remember to check up on the boss-specific threads under the raid-forum section!


...Other than that, there is only 2 things to say: 

Good Luck in Hellfire Citadel, and remember to have fun! :)







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About Why No Love?
Good morning Agamaggan,

Why no love is a long standing guild with very dedicated members who seek progression in a fun and mature environment.
On a low populated server, the guild demands high attendance and support to make the raids go smoothly. Our raids are focusing on progression, stability, fun and the aim to have server firsts on all our kills. Which we have achieved so far in 10 man Normal and Heroic.

We like predictability when we invite raiders. Therefore we seek to have few but skilled raiders who are tried and true. Should you want to raid with us on heroic level, we will find you a spot almost every night. This is the bonus of having a dedicated team. Should you want a more relaxing raid environment, then sign up for our flex-raids.

For those interested Why No Love has also started producing raid videos, feel free to take a look if you feel like it ;)

We are recruiting if you'd like to feature in some of these videos :)
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